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There is a Little Kids Class for kids 6-8 years old, followed by the Kids Class for ages 9-12. The Teens then come in from 4-6pm. Older teens have the option of working in the Adult Classes.  Discounts are offered for families with more than one child.


The kids work on scenes, monologues, improvisation, storytelling, commercials, memory games, voice overs, and audition skills.  Each week the class exercises are varied and the kids participate throughout each session. 



​​"Melissa makes me work hard but I leave confident and sure that I have done all I can do to get the job."

​-Levi J.​


If you are enrolled and you refer a friend who signs up for any of our classes you

get a free class. There is no limit to 

the number of free classes 

you can earn.

"Melissa's class has helped me grow so much as an actor.  Her format is set up for you to work with other actors in a scene.  She helps you fine tune your character. All in a great supportive environment.  There is so much that goes on in her class from scene study to improv.  It has truly helped me when I get those same day auditions.  I am so much more equipped for this wild ride.  ​

Thanks so much Melissa!! :)  xox"

-Emma M.

"Melissa Skoff has worked with my son for over a year and a half.   Since working with Melissa, he has became a confident, working actor.  Melissa has an enormous amount of patience with the children’s class.  She is very caring and is truly dedicated to advancing each of her student’s careers.  The skills Melissa has taught my son have helped him develop his acting career and he is also able to use these tools in his classroom in school.  He has begun to excel in the performing arts area as well as speech and presentation.  I highly recommend Melissa Skoff to assist you with your acting and/or other professional career. "


-Nikki N.

"I've been in Melissa Skoff's class for years, let me tell you it is a life changing experience, Melissa has not only improved my acting skills but confidence that I will need as I audition. Melissa has an amazing background, I absolutely love the class and I will be attending for  many years to come.​"

-Zed K.

"Since taking lessons with Melissa Skoff, my 7 year old daughter has improved her acting ability tremendously, and she is booking jobs regularly. Under Melissa’s tutelage, she is understanding characters and also how to break down scenes and monologues.  Melissa is quick at recognizing and enhancing good acting habits while simultaneously breaking bad ones.  She is a renowned casting director herself, and very well connected to Hollywood’s elite crowd.  I appreciate Melissa’s approachable and honest feedback.  I would highly recommend Melissa to any serious actor, young or older.  Melissa’s class fees are the most reasonable in Los Angeles and she often adjusts her schedule to help prepare for sudden auditions.  We love

her style!"

                                -Ashley B.

"I like Melissa's class because she makes it fun and real.  I have also had private classes with Melissa.  When I went to the actual audition, I knew I had it down!"


                                -Scher G.

"My son loves your class.  Of all the things we have to remind him he has to do, he always remembers when it's time for class and

is ready to go.
Thanks again."


-Wendy C.

"Truly, thanks again for everything!  My kids love you, respect you, and love the training environment you have !!!  They learn so much and it's a wonderful place to grow!!! 

I am so happy they have you!!!"


-Karen K.

"Melissa is, without a doubt, THE BEST coach my daughter has ever had!  She's performing at a level I had never seen from her before.  Our agent is ecstatic too because she keeps 

booking!  We love you Melissa! 

Thanks for all you do!!!"


                                  -Deborah B.


"I don't know what I did to get so lucky to have you as my coach. I had heard how wonderful you are. Your class is so welcoming that I absorb so much more.  I've already learned so much from you.  Your class makes a Monday one of the best days of the week.  I can't wait to continue with you."
 -Kat F.


“Your class is like air or water.  My daughter can’t live without it!”


                                  -Leila F.



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